Founders Todd and Alison Hubers are starting a new chapter. Their family is growing, and Alivate has merged with Hordern IT

Check out the coworking options in Geelong

16th March 2018

A creative Hub for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
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Grow Together

Share the rent and leverage each others services to excel at what you do.


Your own desk, dedicated screen and keyboard.


Referrals and Partnerships are natural with strong trusted friendships

Share Ideas


Escape the isolation of your home office. It's motivating.



Surrounded by hard working peers, it's easy to stay focused, so you can get it done.


We have a "chill out" area, where you can socialise, do some light work, or just take a break.

Monday Wind Up Breakfast event

Sprint ahead

With our fast and reliable business grade internet

Peer Mentors


New ideas and tools are already being tested by other members. Maintain cutting edge effortlessly.


Superb Cafes, Restaurants and Shops are just out the door.

Accelerate your technology concept

Get support from concept to investor pitch.

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We're conveniently located in Central Geelong.
Close to cafe's, restaurants, shops and a huge range of other services.
You can find parking and public transport options here.

169 Ryrie Street

Coworking in Geelong

Also check out other spaces in Geelong. Coworking is a new and exciting phenomenon which sees people working together, instead of competing.

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