Many don’t realise we already have Geelong Coworking. StartupCloud was officially opened September 2013, but we were open even earlier in 2011, making us the first coworking space in regional Australia!

There is a unique place for coworking in regional cities. In Melbourne, coworking thrives with a large market. Here in Geelong, it has been a bit of an uphill battle to excite the locals about this world changing phenomenon. Uniquely in Geelong, there are commuters travelling to Melbourne, and freelancers living the lifestyle dream that is Geelong.

Travelers can skip the commute. One of the biggest opportunities is the hoards of workers travelling to Melbourne to work everyday. 720 hours are wasted on such commutes every year. That’s 30 days a year! Get your month of your life back, try coworking!

Geelong is an awesome place to Live, Work and Play. Lower cost property, with more land and proximity to world class beaches make Geelong one of the best kept secrets of Victoria. It’s a smart choice for raising a young family, and a no-brainer for property investment. Try coworking, and the surf!