When looking for a Geelong Office, individual offices have their advantages, especially for teams larger than 3 people, but otherwise you would find yourself isolated from interactions with other business, and locked into multi-year high rent.

If you’re looking for your first ever office to take your business to the next level, StartupCloud is a great option. With low rates, short monthly lock-in and all your office and internet needs catered for, so you can get on with your business and networking with our friendly community.

Your current contract in your leased Geelong Office may be almost over. Try our coworking space for free, so you are well informed for your next step.

Some may be looking to set up a satellite Geelong Office. This happens quite a bit, and if you’re from out of town, access to a friendly community in a coworking space will accellerate your integration with the broader Geelong community.

Give us a call, or send us a message, we’re keen to meet you!