What does accelerate mean?

People are often frustrated. They have have an idea but investors won't listen.
Take a deep breath. We will help you.


We need to know you exist so contact us somehow and we'll set up a meeting.

Lets be grown ups: if we don't think the idea has what it takes, we'll tell you upfront. Most of the time, you will simply need to come back with a better team / skills.

Once accepted, we will give you a spot to work at StartupCloud. Here you can collaborate with other members to reach the point where you're ready to pitch to investors.


You will register for a pitching day, where you will have a chance to spruik your business to investors.


Impress the investors and they will invest from $50,000 to $500,000 and help you personally build your business
Benefit from valuable connections your investors have, particularly in industry verticals.
We expect that you'll stay for about another year, before you'll need your own space.

Register Your Interest Now!

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